How can you help the reunion? Volunteer today. Do you have special skills, connections, access, you would like to share? We have a very hardworking reunion committee, but need your help. Following are some areas of need.

Contact any of the Reunion Team members about all the following opportunities today!


Join the Reunion Ambassadors team. We are seeking additional team members willing to email, write or call fellow classmates to encourage attendance. There is a lot of excitement so far, but we want 100% of our classmates at this once in a lifetime event. Every day this incredible Ambassadors team is connecting classmates. Join the excitement. Which old friends do you want to see at the reunion?


Would you be willing to call businesses to solicit sponsorships or door prize donations for our 40 year event? How about asking your boss to buy a sponsorship or donate a door prize? How about your own business? We will work with you to make your sponsorship experience a perfect fit for your business needs. Let’s talk!


We need high quality door prizes for our event. We have a great start, but could use your help. Can you sponsor a door prize with a cash donation? Ask your boss to donate a gift certificate or quality product or service? Does your own business have a great service to offer? Would you contact local businesses to solicit door prizes? Got any great ideas? Email us today!


Want to work a short shift at the front desk at the reunion? We can put you in touch with the committee chairperson. What a great way to see everyone first hand.


Can you help scan photos from the yearbooks? or by providing great photos that celebrate our class or classmates lives? great music for a memory lane commemorative dvd? Give Ardith a shout!

Got some creative ideas and how to experience? Can you help with planning for decorating the dining hall ~ Give Ardith a shout!


Check out the Gallery then help us build it. We need your school days photos. Send digital images today. We can also scan your images if needed. Just ask.

Need help? Have questions? Feel free to contact Ardith ~

  • Ardith McNew……..ardithmcn@aol.com….ph: (734) 625-0762
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